Choosing the right coffee grinder for your favorite coffee beans is never easy, so before you decide to buy another burr grinder, make sure you at least skim through our site to get the best machine within your budget!

To make the perfect cup of coffee, besides the type of coffee beans you use, the very first equipment you should pay attention to would be your coffee grinder. What you’ll find on this FREE consumer guide are information that will help you choose the best burr coffee grinders to meet your caffeine needs, without emptying your pocket.

There are Coffee Grinder Reviews that we have setup to ensure you’re always going to get the best quality brand at cheap and discounted prices, should you ever decide to shop around for your grinder.There are also lots of Helpful Tips that are provided here for any coffee lovers who may wish to know more about a certain subjects, like how to make a cappuccino?

On this website, you may find that we especially like burr grinders because it has been proven time and time again to produce the finest cuts and most consistent coffee ground compare to the rest of the grinding machines you’ll find on the market.


Okay, let us show you why by taking a look at 2 major types:


Blade Grinder – This is a cheap device to grind your coffee that consists of 1 or 2 metal steel blades rotating at extremely high speed. The good side about it is that they are usually very low price between $10-$50 and can also be used for grinding other food including garlic, herbs, spices etc. They may be great for bagain shoppers, but we’re not so sure about grinding coffee for true lovers. Major brands include Krups, Capresso, Delonghi, Black & Decker and more.
Inside a blade grinder

How It Works?

Unlike burr grinders, the blade system functions by rotating the metal blades at really fast speed and the coffee beans are chop up into smaller and smaller pieces. The way to justify the size of the ground is to measure the time you leave the grinder to run. The longer you leave it to run, the finer the ground will be.

Here are some disadvantages for using this type of model:

1) It is almost impossible to get even cuts from using the blade grinding methods. That’s why these are usually for home use only, where brew and taste consistency is not really a big issue. It’s also the sole reason why you’ll find that no commercial cafe in your country will ever use a blade grinder to serve their customers coffee.

2) If you are aiming for smaller or finer coffee ground, you will tend to leave the blade grinder running for a longer period of time. This is not a good way to treat your coffee beans as it could result in over-grinding which could actually burn the freshly roasted beans, completely destroying the taste and aroma altogether.

3) Since the coffee beans are sliced, chopped or cut up unevenly, it has a higher potential of getting clog and you may also notice that these type of grinders produce more noise and makes more mess compare to the burr mill ones.


Now let’s see why we think the second type is a better option!


Burr Grinder – For the most consistent taste of fresh brewed coffee, this is definitely the best option to take and even though the machine itself may be more expensive (between $50-$800), but it is certainly worth the investment, especially if you know how to choose the right one. The best thing about these coffee grinders is that they are suitable for home use, office use and are particularly important if you own a cafe or coffee shop, where taste consistency can mean the life and death of your business. Inside a burr grinder

Popular burr grinder brands includes Baratza, Rancillo Rocky, KitchenAid, La Pavoni, Ascaco and more.

How It Works?

The burr coffee grinder works by rotating two burrs inside at a relatively low speed. The coffee beans are infeed inside the burr and are crushed into smaller particles. The size of the grind can be measured by adjusting the distance or gap between the two burrs, hence allowing a more consistent grind. Of course, the grinding time also plays an important role in the final taste, but is normally adjusted by seconds.

Here are some advantages for using a burr grinder:

1) It grinds the coffee beans by crushing them with 2 steel conical burrs spinning at a low RPM. The whole conical burr system has been designed to produce even and consistent coffee ground.

2) They are quieter to run and have a lesser chance of getting clogged inside your grinder, coffee maker or espresso machine.

3) The burr mill inside the grinder are made of long lasting material, usually very high quality steel depending on the model, making it an ideal choice for long term use.

4) The user can easily adjust the size of the ground by changing the distance or gap between the 2 burrs. The closer they are together, the smaller or finer the ground coffee will be.

5) Easy disposable system which allows you to dispense your coffee ground into any container, canister and even portafilters, then straight into your coffee maker.


Before You Spend Your Hard Earned Cash On a Coffee Grinder!

You should check out some of these coffee guides and articles as they provide some really good advice on shopping online and how to use care to make your decisions.

Take a read at the following story and you’ll understand why it’s important to use care when buying a coffee grinding machine.

Jessica is the owner of this consulting company and she is obsessed with her coffee that she bought a coffee maker for her office. Since their job requires a lot of brain power and focus, her employees were extremely happy with their boss’s contribution to their daily fresh coffee needs. Until recently, she purchased a new burr grinder as the old one was broken. As soon as she turned it on, the noise level was so loud that her employees were complaining that they were losing concentration with their clients.

So, what did this story tell us?

Do some research before you actually pull money out of your pocket!

Let’s face it, there is nothing worst than spending hundreds of dollars only to purchase a product which doesn’t actually meet your needs and expectations. However, once you do find a grinder that suits your personal requirement, then your next job would be to use a quality coffee machine and start making your favorite hot drink!

Don’t know how? Well…check out the How To Tips section for step by step instructions on making your favorite coffee!