How To Store Coffee Beans To Keep It Fresh?

Coffee Beans Storage

FACT: Fresh coffee beans loses it’s freshness, aroma and flavor the second it is roasted.

That’s why we always recommend people to buy in small quantities to ensure they can enjoy the freshest coffee each and everytime.

There have been many suggestions as to how you can extend the life of coffee beans by more than 2 weeks (That’s how long they are considered fresh). The truth is you can’t, but if you don’t make the effort and store them properly, they won’t even last 2 weeks.

The best way to store your coffee bean is to put them into an air-tight container and directly away from…

1) Air – Just like what happens if you open a pack of potato chips and left it unclose for a period of time. It will become stale and the same thing will apply to your beans.

2) Moisture – Water and moisture is a killer for freshly roasted coffee beans. That’s why it is very important for you to store them in a dry area.

3) Light – You should always store your whole and ground coffee in a dark place and directly away from any lights…including sunlight which also generates alot of heat.

4) Heat – Exposure to heat will evaporate the aroma inside a whole bean, regardless whether it’s green or roasted. That’s why you should never put your coffee canister next to any electronic devices that can generate heat. This includes your stove, oven, fridge and so on…

What type of container should you use?

Since plastic and metal containers can contaminate your coffee, we highly recommend ceramic containers over any other type for proper storage, and make sure it has air-tight rubber or seal to ensure it doesn’t allow any air (oxygen) to go inside the canister or container.

Is it possible to freeze your coffee to extend it’s life?

There has been many myths surrounding whether you can extend the life of coffee by freezing them. Well, if you have whole bean…it is possible to extend it’s life up to one month by double wrapping the beans and then placing them into an sealed air tight bag. However, this technique only works once and it is not ideal to refreeze them.

If you have ground coffee, then it is NOT possible to freeze them.

Do not put your coffee into the fridge (lower section and lower temperature) and hope that it’ll stay longer. It’ll in fact absorb alot of moisture and any other food flavors you may have in the fridge (e.g meat, fish, etc) destroying the taste altogether.

The Best Way Is To Buy In Small Quantity!

No doubt, the best way to ensure you’re always going to enjoy fresh coffee is to buy in small portions. Portions which you can consumed within 2 weeks. There are no other ways to go about it. Unless you haven’t tasted fresh coffee before, otherwise you should definitely agree with the above statement.

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